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Download: Screen Vinyl Image’s “New Visions”


We've devoted a lot of words on this blog to what Fan Death Records hates about D.C.—and less, for better or for worse, on what the Maryland label loves.

I'll drop the editorial we and say that I can get behind D.C.'s Screen Vinyl Image, whose "Siberian Eclipse" 7-inch drops on Fan Death on June 29. I can't tell you much about the title song, just its B-side "New Visions," which the label mailed out today. Gone here are the Jesus and Mary Chain histrionics, but not the distant and distorted J+MC vox. Those, combined with the harsh-light ambience and laconic sequenced beats, are briefly suggestive of the satisfying, Curtis-indebted iconoclasm of Philadelphia's Cold Cave. That all those elements are soon swallowed by a wash of hopeful noise—though it feels wrong to call it noisy—makes plain that the band isn't especially interested in making record-collector rock.

DOWNLOAD: "New Visions"

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  • Brian Porter

    this song rules

  • Matt Dunn

    Killer track.