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Load Records Nixes Release of Final Drunkdriver Album

When the harsh, noisy New York band Drunkdriver dissolved last week amid allegations that its drummer, Jeremy Villalobos, has a history of sexual assault, it looked as though its new self-titled record would still be released on April 14 on Load Records. That, anyway, is what the band wrote on its blog last Friday: "It is our finest musical offering and sadly, our last."

It turns out that Load Records has nixed the release, according to the label's Ben McOsker. "Does not make commercial sense at this point," he wrote in an e-mail.

Asked if that decision had to do with the band's break-up, the allegations involving Villalobos, or both, McOsker responded, "All of the above."

I wrote Villalobos asking if the record will see some sort of release. I'll update when I hear back.

Another band Villalobos drums in, Pygmy Shrews, was dropped last week from Fan Death Records' DNA Test Fest in Baltimore, which is tomorrow. Over at Click Track, David Malitz compares the lineup to your favorite Major League Baseball players.

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  • ERic

    This is very depressing,I am sure this is a great album,they were an amazing live band and all previous releases were outstanding.

  • james trubbord

    it seems that Parts Unknown is going to release it now

  • Rick

    I know. It's a tragedy that this rapist isn't going to be heard by more people. Big bummer.

  • Anuj

    people dont deserve second chances huh?

  • dscprlnt

    the band has released the record themselves and is now available

  • Gene Quagmire

    Wow, this really mitigates my enjoyment of all the songs they made about rapey rapists raping everybody out here. Seriously, did that guy have to drum so...rapelike?