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Festival Watch: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Mutek, ATP

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2010: OK. So keeping track of who’s playing when at New Orleans’ Jazz Fest is almost as tough as figuring out the SXSW line-up—though we’ll go ahead and thank Jazz Fest organizers for providing us with a handy grid. From what we can tell highlights will include performances by Parliament Funkadelic, Lionel Richie, the Meters (!!), Buckwheat Zydeco, Aretha Franklin, the Dead Weather, and the Neville Brothers.

Simon & Garfunkel, the Allman Brothers Band, Pearl Jam, and Better than Ezra will also be playing. For the record: We do not consider these performances to be highlights.

Advance tickets are still available for a totally reasonable $45. It happens April 23-25 and April 29-May 2.

Mutek 2010: Sometime in the near future, we hope that we can make it back to Montreal. (This time, sans rain. Thanks.) We can see no better excuse for a trip than the 2010 edition of the Mutek festival—“one of the premier showcases for cutting edge electronic music and digital creativity,” according to the Web page. This year’s performers include Matmos, Mouse on Mars, Theo Parrish, and Tim Hecker. A weekend (June 4-6) pass’ll run ya $141.09. A passport—which’ll get you in to events that start on June 2, costs about $220.

ATP New York 2010: We here at Festival Watch wouldn’t throw a curatorial appointment to one of the All Tomorrow’s Parties out of bed. Hmmm…right now, we’d do Bjork, ESG, J.D. Emmanuel, Daniel Higgs, Pocahaunted, anything involving an Ex guitar player, and Beyonce. This is prolly why we wouldn’t get one. Sigh.

Instead, New York-bound ATPers will have to settle for Jim Jarmusch. His line-up include Raekwon, Girls, Dungen, Vivian Girls, and, just announced: some crazy Sunn0))) and Boris collaboration. Intense!

That’s Sunday. Saturday’s show will be a revue of “past ATP curators, ATP Recordings artists and friends”—these include Sonic Youth, the Breeders, Tortoise, the Books, and Bardo Pond—and Friday will bring nostalgic album performances from the likes of Iggy and the Stooges and Mudhoney.

ATP says that you can look forward to more artist announcements in the coming days. We’re already pretty much sold. Tickets are still available but we’d suggest you consult the ATP site for details; there are few different travel packs. It happens Sept. 3-5.

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  • Stevek

    Deciding what to see in New Orleans at Jazzfest isn't that hard. Just avoid most of the big names, go through the free issue of Offbeat that gives bios for the performers, skim the Jazzfest chatboard, and go see all the old-school New Orleans r'n'b and jazz and brass band performers that you can (plus the zydeco, Cajun and African/Caribbean acts).

    The Montreal Jazz (and international music) fest looks pretty good. Maybe you can add that one to your next list.

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