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Rumors of the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra’s Death…

Thad WilsonMy post last week regarding the newly born Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra mentioned in passing "the demise of the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra," the previous occupant of the Monday evening slot at Bohemian Caverns. However, as a few members of the D.C. jazz scene have pointed out to me since, this was not the best choice of words.

While Wilson disbanded his last iteration of the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra last fall, he said at the time that he intended to restart and rejuvenate the band with new musicians.

Indeed, as of today, the band's MySpace page declares that they "will be returning to perform in the DC area as part of the 2010 DC Jazz Festival." In addition, tenor saxophonist Elijah Balbed—a member of the BCJO—also confirms that he will be a part of Wilson's band when it resumes.

Thus there will be two big bands working in D.C. This is good news: Not only does it mean a richer soundscape, but both ensembles will likely work that much harder to be the best.

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  • Joe Herrera

    This is not a competition. I repeat, this is not a competition. Please stop spinning it that way.

  • Michael J. West

    No spin intended. Nor am I attempting to suggest it's a competition - I don't think it is one. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie weren't competitors either, but each one claimed that they played better because the other one was listening. Why is that a bad thing?

  • Joe Herrera

    I apologize if I came off to strong. I guess I took the wording of the last sentence the wrong way. Thank you for your coverage of this event.

  • Dick Zenormous

    I thoughted he was taking up teaching music at some Maryland University

  • bill

    Thad- do you shower, use deodorant or brush your teeth?