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One Track Mind: “Just Die Young” by Daddy Lion

1266433779_m_OTM_08When searching for a tune to accompany your adolescent depression, put down the emo albums and look no further than Daddy Lion's bluesy "Just Die Young." Fresh off its free self-titled EP, the song concerns the horror and stagnant nature of American suburbia and the suicidal thoughts of young adults. Piano, synths, and guitars make for an angsty, toe-tapping tune about a downbeat topic.

Frontman Jeremy Whitman, a philosophy and social policy graduate student at George Washington University, wrote the song when he was 17, basing it on his own experiences. "There's a lot of teenage-y suburban influence ... It was just hormones raging. Now I think, 'Were things ever that bad?' And no, they weren't.'"

To read more of Ben Westhoff's review and listen to "Just Die Young," read this week's One Track Mind.

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