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U.S. Royalty, Phil Adé Collaborate, Pelt Each Other with Snowballs

U.S. Royalty: Fan Death hates the group, and I sort of made fun of a Gant promo to which the local band licensed a song. No negative vibes today, though: The group is performing with rapper Phil Adé on Feb. 26 at the Rock & Roll Hotel, and both parties collaborated on the above promo, apparently mid-Snowpocalypse. The coolest part might be Adé's midsong freestyle—after which point, everything erupts into an ecstatic, Achtung Baby-style reverie. Strangely it all works: U.S. Royalty's pop-tinged beard rock and Adé's eager, playful raps aren't natural bedfellows, but together they've produced something thoughtful and unforced. More D.C. bands and rappers should work together like this.

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