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Arts Roundup: Weird Olympic Torches Edition

Hello! I'm glad I have DVR! Because it took me three days to soldier through the Olympics' opening ceremony. It was OK; glad Donald Sutherland was on board! Sadly absent: My favorite Vancouverite, Dan Bejar. For kicks, here's what the Destroyer singer had to say about the Vancouver games in 2008:

Well, it tends to change the city forever when they get these big events. It seems like slowly but surely no one I know is gonna be able to afford to live in this city anymore. It’s gonna be interesting to see where people go, what people do. We have a pretty formidable homeless and street drug problem in Vancouver, and I can’t quite figure out what they’re gonna do about it when these millions of people invade the city to watch ski-jumping. (New York magazine)

Also: The Olympic torches look like they're straight out of Tolkien. (Hat tip: my girlfriend.)

- The Charter Theatre in Arlington has canceled the rest of its season, citing financial difficulties.

- Doug Fieger, the singer of the Knack, is dead from cancer.

-  On City Desk, Matt Dunn has some great shots from the D.C. Record Fair. Here's some more from The Vinyl District blog, one of the event's sponsors.

- Notes from Marc Singer's "Genres in American Literature: Comics and Graphic Novels" course at Howard. (Hat tip: Rhode.)

- Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest flight for being too fat. Then he tweeted about it. Like, a lot.

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