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Volunteers Needed To Shovel Out The Black Cat


Som Records' Neal Becton is calling for volunteers to help shovel out the huge snow wall left on 14th Street in front of the Black Cat. What's the big deal?

Tomorrow is the D.C. Record Fair at the Black Cat. It starts at noon and features 30 record dealers and a full lineup of DJs (Ian MacKaye, Geologist, and Eric Hilton, among others). That's a lot of vinyl that needs to be safely unloaded.

"The back alley is pretty much impassable," Becton explains. This leaves the parking spaces in front of the Black Cat. The sidewalk is fine, it's the wall of snow left by city plows that's the problem.

"It would be nice to get some more [space] cleared out so we can unload multiple cars tomorrow morning," Becton says. "It's fairly loose right now. It's easy digging right now. It won't be tonight or tomorrow morning."

Becton had just gotten back from a trip down south where he picked up vinyl in Florida flea markets and thrift shops. Ninety percent of what he'll be selling he has yet to bring into his store. He says he found a lot of good Latin records on his trip—everything from Tito Puente to LPs from the legendary Fania label.

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  • Martha

    Note this is NOT the Black Cat asking for help, it is the event organizers.

    Help DC and the Black Cat put it's best foot forward for both local and out of town venders and attendees coming for the record show. Everybody wins - once the Cat is shoveled out, parking spaces become useable again, even after the Record Fair!

  • Jason Cherkis

    It's clear in the blog post that Black Cat did what it was supposed to do. The club did shovel its sidewalks. It's the parking spaces out front that are the problem.

  • …done

    I was/am looking forward to this. But for an injury I'd help (for some vinyl).

  • Martha

    Thanks Jason for helping to pass the word - the Record Fair should be fantastic tomorrow!