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Keeping It Real: Suggestions for M.I.A.’s Next Single


What kind of megastar makes her own tech support calls? The kind that aggressively keeps shit real, apparently. In an interview with Rolling Stone, M.I.A. explains how a three-hour phone call with Verizon led to "I'm Down Like Your Internet Connection," a track from her forthcoming follow-up to Kala. And in a very Nicholas Kristof move, the ranking hip-hop globalist outsourced backing vocals to real live Filipino Verizon employees:

“I was having issues with my cable and wireless, and I was on the phone [with tech support] for three hours, and I thought, ‘Maybe this needs to be part of my music, could you just learn these lyrics and sing it down the phone to me?’ Ten phone calls later, I have Internet that sticks and a song.”

Below the jump, a few suggestions for other household tribulations ripe for the M.I.A. treatment:

  • "I'm Unhinged Like This Broke-Ass Bathroom Cabinet" (background vocals: Brazilian lumberjacks)
  • "My Lyrics Are Unfiltered Like the Water in My Roommate's Brita" (background vocals: reservoir workers in Sri Lanka)
  • "I'm Over You Like the Thin Layer of Dust on My TiVo" (background vocals: cast of Monsoon Wedding)
  • "I'mma Break It Down Like a Billy Bookcase" (background vocals: random Swedish people)
  • "I'm Sprung Like That Leak in the Ceiling" (background vocals: Joe the Plumber)

Further suggestions welcome in the comments.

Related: M.I.A. releases new video, "There's Space For Ol Dat I See," via Twitter, thus confusing the Fader.

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  • matt

    "You've got your wires crossed and I'mma make you blackout like Comcast in a thunderstorm"
    (tv white noise humming in the background)

  • Bitter Elitist

    Holy shit. It took 5 calls and 4-letter words to get Comcast to physically disconnect my cable.

    It has taken 2 calls (and I will make another). To get my Verizon internet straight.

  • Hannah Neprash

    "I'm All Mixed Up Like the Grammar on your Chopsticks Wrapper" (background vocals: the breezy rustle of a shrinking bamboo grove)

  • Dave

    "I'm Wiped Out Like The Sweat I Just Cleaned Off Of The Elliptical Machine In The Gym" (Background vocals: Brad Pitt's character in "Burn After Reading")

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