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Shudder to Tweet

raheemRaheem DeVaughn:

-For those that don't read credit I wrote"Gently" on Usher's last album most of my other stuff has been in the HIp hop World UGK ,Game & ect

-so bilal oliver just arrived to my studio in NJ to lay his parts for the last song that needs to be completed on my album!

kingpenKingPen Slim:

-to everybody asking me what kinda coat I had on yesterday it's a Rocksmith joint, that joint is so alias that I didn't even know lol

-Just had to have that "you've-really-been-inconviencing-me-since-you've-been-in-town-as-much-as-I-love-you" talk with my mom had to do it

newbonneyTabi Bonney

-Sooo...people are leaving demo's under my windshield wiper. I dunno why.

-IDEA! I should do a short film where cartons of milk are like black peoples kryptonite or sumthn. Like bamas run from the cartons like noooo do we eat ice cream? Do we have to take a lactaid pill everytime or something? Cuz I haven't had ice cream in 10yrs either!

tmo_headshot_bw_biggerTravis Morrison:

-involuntarily tears up at "Amazing Grace" by Aretha Franklin and "New Grass" by Talk Talk and can't listen to them at work.

-slow grocery stores. A DC institution.

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