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Shudder to Tweet

tabiTabi Bonney:

-My fathers advice to me before I head out to Cali in the morn = "talk alot" Thanks dad, where would I be without you. LOL

-Got alot done so far & now I'm about to take a nap and dream about my pop life in 2010.

kingpenKingPen Slim

-DMV popping so hard these next two weeks, hu homecoming, Monday night football, bp3 tour and Halloween get sleep now

-Chris samuels set to retire due to his recent neck injury? Damn

carolbui_hut_biggerCarol Bui:

-at inner year last night til 1am knocking out flute overdubs and my mouth feels just fine! we begin MIXING THIS's about damn time

chad_lo-contrast_nyc_biggerBeauty Pill (Chad Clark)

-Doctor says BP can tour next Spring if I keep with the same regimen. Death 0, Chad 1. Hoping to defer the rematch.

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