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D.I.Y. Venue Kansas House To Be Demolished


For more than a decade Kansas House has been on of the D.C. area's most beloved D.I.Y. show spaces, hosting performances by bands like The Rapture, Q and Not U, Black Eyes, Love of Diagrams, Dismemberment Plan, and Golden, to name just a few. But in just 60 days the tiny corner house, located on 900 N Kansas St. in Arlington, will go silent forever.

"My house (Kansas House) just got sold and will eventually be destroyed," wrote Collin Crowe, a tenant and a member of the band Buildings, in an e-mail announcing the end of the house's existence. "We got a 60 days heads-up that we gotta move out by December 1."

The property is reportedly in the process of being sold to a Virginia based development company.

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  • Justin Moyer

    This blows. Can some other institutions start dying around here? I don't think enough have died already.

  • Matthew Borlik


  • Jacqui Burger

    They say that all good things must come to an end, but this is especially disappointing.

  • jason hamacher

    this is horrible. maybe we can start doing shows at a Potbelly in Arlington?

  • cole

    we should just start doing shows at your house, Jason!

  • Glen Steven Colen

    ...I hear Hamacher has a new deck!

  • Vin

    Damn. The PnR Salons were great there, too. I actually thought this would have happened sooner.

  • Todd McCarty

    Awwh Shit! 900 Kansas St. we will miss you.