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Wale Watch: WKYS of Death


A minor Wale-related scandal hit the web this week, surrounding a 93.9 ad campaign. On the radio commercial, someone claiming to be Wale's cousin makes a sound-alike parody of Wale's seemingly aborted lead single "Chillin," and tries to push it to the station. He is swiftly rejected in favor of Birdman and Alicia Keys records.

Wale fans didn't take to kindly to this, blowing up message boards and station managers inboxes about their unwillingness to support local music.

Sure, the ad probably wouldn't sting so hard if the station did make an effort to throw a little more in the way of local music into regular rotation. But the Wale fanboys and girls might be waving their DMV flag a little too hard in this case. It's pretty clear from the audio that the butt of the joke was the guy who was trying to get on by creating a fake Wale record and not Wale himself. And even if they were, in fact, clowning "Chillin," it was deserved. That record is atrocious, as shameless as any pop rap that WKYS would be playing in its place. Aesthetically, it has very little to do with Washington, D.C.

Predictably, Wale has taken to twitter. Not to complain about the perceived diss, but to complain about how he didn't complain about the perceived diss:


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  • JR

    "DC chillin, PG chillin"
    (the hook repeated about 5011 times in the song)

    " ain’t heard DC till sardines came"

    "District of Columbia you Bernie Mack funny, we ain’t scared a nona-YA!"

    You can say what you want about the song but I'm trying to figure out how "it has very little to do with Washington, D.C."(?!?)

  • Andrew Noz


    It does not sound like a DC record.

  • http:/ DDotOmen

    whether or not you like the song has nothing to do with the perception. they also played Pretty Girls which is less "pop" than Chillin'. the bottom line is. WHY did they choose wale of all people and to make mockery of?

    why not have a drake impersonator or a kanye west at the vma impersonator then say "we only play the REAL hits like Wale's pretty girls"?

    cmon dog. WKYS has no integrity whatsoever. they basically slapped DC in the face with the dick of other artists that they suck.

  • Queen J

    OK so i finally heard the put a bad taste in my mouth. WHO THE FUCK? Is this jiggaboo sounding coon supposed to be Wale?!? How FUCKING dare you!!! Sounds like he got fried chicken in one hand and watermelon in the other... GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!


    In reference to THIS article....

    Why the EFF does it have to have to sound like DC to be played on a DC station. Ya'll bump down south music like we in ATL.....ALLLLLL DAYY! When you get some home-grown talent you treat him like THIS?!?!

    That commercial is distasteful, offensive, disrespectful! point blank. UNacceptable!

    Its disrespectful to Wale as an artist....and worse b/c he's FROM there...and is/was "supposedly" cool with ppl at the station....which THEN makes it worse b/c that commercial is played by choice, it's not a "sponsor" therefore it's not REQUIRED to make OR play that commercial.

    FUCK wkys FOREVER for this one!

  • Andrew Noz

    It shouldn't be played on radio because it's a bad song.

    It's ironic that folks are up in arms about kys not supporting "local music" in reference to a major label song that features a multinational pop star and has bears no aesthetic link to DC music. If it were "Pretty Girls" it'd be a different conversation entirely.

  • DJStylus

    "It shouldn’t be played on radio because it's a bad song."

    All the commercial stations ever play are bad songs.

    They're becoming irrelevant anyway. Their job has never been and never will be to support local music. Their job is deliver mind share to advertisers.

    Wale has an international following. He's going to be alright if he continues to make smart moves. WKYS will be inconsequential to his success. DMV artists don't need commercial radio anymore. The sooner they realize that, the sooner these sort of perceived (I don't interpret the commercial as a direct diss) and real slights will cease to bother anyone.

  • L

    Love the music hates the manchild rants of the artist. Grow up, take a business course, lisen to a lecture and come correct. No one owes you airplay because you live in the suburbs of the target audience. If he is so international, why is he sweating KYS? NEXT!

  • big tony

    What the fuck does sound liek DC mean? What a joke Andrew Noz and his punk ass reviews are, this is the second time where you blew it

  • Andrew Noz

    "What the fuck does sound liek DC mean? "

    Exactly. With no identity this city can never hope to blow up.

    New Orleans has a sound. Atlanta has a sound. DC has a sound but it's not being represented nationally.

  • 20877

    Everyone's on his back for it not sounding like a DC record, besides Slim, what other rapper sounds DC or is as in touch with DC?

    I wouldn't say his single was a failure. Whatever.

  • pakmantru

    i never seen this nigga at jimmy's IN LANDOVER,THE HOLIDAY IN SE, OR AT THE TROPICANA UPTOWN, non of my folks know this nigga OR KNOWS N E BODY WHO DO, and we dont dress like that, dog is a gimmick and this why niggaz dont fuck wit him, music wise, he aight but he just that ok and thats because he better than alot of bullshit that tight now(gucci,yung berg, and whoever the fuck else ya'll think hip hop). but he is a gimmick and what u do in the dark shall come to light....... THE REAL DC NIGGAZ ON THE WAY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sedcdude

    I have to cosign with pacmantru, we got some "game changers" over in SW OPC! Alotta region hating n our city that ATTEMPTS to keep their foot on SOUTHSIDE DC talent, period point blank! Talent who will, can and shall represent and establish AUTHENTIC DC SOUND! Big ups to da dude 4 do'n him, but u'll kno it when u hear it, real dc sound com'n thru a speaker near u!

  • Kassandra Tinn

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