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The “Real World” Cast: D.C.’s New Indie-Rock Darlings?

Even if you somehow failed to notice the half-dozen men toting shoulder-mounted cameras, it was patently obvious that something was amiss at last night's Rock and Roll Hotel show. For one thing, no one had ever heard of the headlining band, Wicked Liquid, though two of D.C.'s big crowd getters, Once Okay Twice and Politicks, were opening. For another, Wicked Liquid had about three roadies setting up the stage for them–a luxury few local bands can afford. But the most obvious sign that we'd entered the topsy-turvy world of "reality" television was the fact that Wicked Liquid had no merch.

Bands make most of their money on merch, these days, but Wicked Liquid had exactly two T-shirts in stock and they landed on the table right before the band took the stage—clearly more prop than sales opportunity. One of the shirts was soon sacrificed, torn in half to cover the Once Okay Twice logo on the shared bass drum. (I inquired about buying the other shirt, and a clipboard-wielding guy said he wasn't sure it was for sale.)
Wicked Liquid's funky bass, plus Real World castmember Josh Colon's speak-singing, make the band sonic sisters with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Wicked Liquid even played a Chili Peppers song, "Snow." (About half of the songs in its set were covers.) And when the crowd clamored for an encore, Colon returned to stage, looking sheepish, and said, "I'm sorry, that's all we've got."

I suspect that will be the last that D.C. audiences hear from this band, but Real World stalkers don't dismay—the Rock and Roll Hotel, in conjunction with Real World cast member Emily Schromm, is hosting a benefit on Tuesday, Sept. 29, for Africa Action.

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  • Sadie Dingfelder

    I really should have mentioned Josh's hilarious, half-hearted attempt at pyrotechnics, when he pulled out a tiny blowtorch and and blew on it once, before putting it down and then resuming his karaoke.

  • shabooty

    bunch of dc yentas, wishing to get some famous d*ck. :) jk.

  • Pamela

    An MTV prop show by Wicked Liquid is straining the word "indie" beyond any pretense of credibility. I still want to hang out with the cast of MTV's The Real World though. Who is more pathetic? :-)

  • C

    Aside from the Real World guy, how was the rest of the band?

  • Sadie Dingfelder

    They weren't bad! The guitarist in the red knit hat was really killing it on the solos. I wonder if they are pros? Still, their sound was extremely dated and derivative.

    As an aside, I've read that Josh Colin's band used to be called Whiskey Livin'. I wonder what precipitated the name change? If MTV doesn't want to endorse binge drinking, they may need to revamp the entire format of the show.

  • Where’s the love?

    Thanks for covering the show! I might reccomend doing a little bit more research though because it seems like you are implying that the band is getting hooked up somehow by MTV and I can tell you they recieved no help whatsoever in booking, preparing, and promoting the show. You're obviously entitled to your opinion about the music etc., but it would be nice to show a little respect wherever it may be due. It also miiiight not have been the last show around here ;)

  • Where’s the love?

    ok a little love right there, thanks

  • MM

    I'm looking forward to checking out these bands and the pyrotechs on the Real World. I'm sorry I keep missing the cast, I've been near where they are shooting several times.

  • Victoria Lee

    keep on rocking in the real world

  • sandy

    Did the rest of the cast come to support WL? I wonder if they would be willing to play anywhere sans crew. I know the Black Cat has said they will not allow cameras. I guess if I was an aspiring rock star with a camera crew required to follow me around it would be dumb to leave them at home...

  • Sadieisaho

    Band's don't make most of their money from merch, they make it from the door. I know the band and those guys weren't roadies, they're involved with the bands/friends. In fact, one of the three was the drummer. They did it all themselves. You have no idea what you're talking about, maybe you should have asked around at the show...i hear that's what grown up journalists do.

  • sanchez

    what is this article about? all i really got was that real world has a cover band. does this deserve coverage? at least comment on the music or something. there are some killer local bands that i would love to read reviews on.

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  • jamielynn

    omggg cant believe josh is on the new realworldd, i actually know someone, this season should be a goood one :)

  • WickedLiquidFan

    For more of Wicked Liquids music check out

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