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Sampling the thought-streams of DC musicians past and present.

chad_lo-contrast_nyc_biggerBeauty Pill (Chad Clark):

-Sitting at a cafe, eating a sandwich & overhearing a very awkward first date at the table to my left. Guy working too hard, girl turned off.

-Mary Timony gives guitar lessons. That seems like something I invented in my head, but it's true. Is there also a Vespa made of 2Amys pizza?

-File under: cool stuff that escaped my notice. Madlib's apparently on some kind of Sun Ra trip. &

usr-lissytrulie_biggerU.S. Royalty:

-Things U.S. Royalty never do: USR never only uses the mens restroom.

-Things U.S. Royalty never does: USR never checks out of their hotel room on time.

cbicon_biggerCasper Bangs:

-Just got some delicious white vinyl for the Casper Bangs 7". It's gorgeous.

-Loading gear out at 5 am is true rock stardom.

tabiTabi Bonney:

-If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn't much to you in the first place.

-I forgot to mention that last quote was from Proverbs. I didn't come up with it. Just sharing with you guys


-is honored to have the chance to collab with the laughing man and see the blk jks! see us all on the 29th

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