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Shudder to Tweet


album pushed more work to do..its a small thing to a boss.

i need/want all my 64k supporters to be positive today..gettin ur album pushed back isnt a good feeling..but well make the best of it!

twitter2_biggerEdie Sedgwick:

Matthew McConaughey forcing me to take bong hits while reciting the alphabet backwards. Oh no...he's getting out the bongos...

Christian Bale's corpse hosting a BBQ tonight, but I'm trying to get out of it because I don't like corpse-BBQs.

devinocampo_biggerDevin Ocampo:

Working on Meds record today and I'm getting excited to finish.

tabiwall_biggerTabi Bonney:

That's definitely go hard foolio status if u are pushing a shopping cart full of groceries in the middle of the night in a residential area

Bamas started talking bout the BET Awards & the only thing I can remember from that joint was Johnny Gills slave eyes. He needs to chill out

It's 9pm and we just dropped off a broad at tanning salon. I didn't know ppl tanned at night...Cali

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