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Andrew Field-Pickering (Food For Animals/Beatiful Swimmers) Launches Fader Column

You'd think that Andrew Field-Pickering–between rapping in Food For Animals, DJing in Beautiful Swimmers, and running his own record label (Future Times)–probably has enough cool urban-music-oriented-work to fill his days. But one more thing can't hurt, can it? Field-Pickering recently launched "Heal Yourself and Move," a column devoted to dance music, electronic music, deep vibes, and all things in between, that will run bi-weekly on Fader's website. You can check out the first post–a mission statement, but also a thorough lab session on the work of teenage techno-genius Kyle Hallhere.

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  • Pop Cesspool

    Dude needs to take a break from the writing for like 2 minutes so he can ship my vinyl copy of "Belly." I paid for that shit like a month ago.