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Travis Morrison Retires From Music?

Travis Morrison has announced his retirement. We think. Morrison fronted the beloved and defunct Dismemberment Plan. He went on to release solo stuff, sing in church, and form a new band and release a well-received album in 2007. On Morrison's website, he or his web guru write: "Retired!"

If that wasn't clear enough, Morrison writes: "No shows, no records, no band. Just relaxing in Brooklyn. Befriend me on facebook. I'm so nice!."

If you hangout on the site long enough, "Retired!" morphs into a bunch of nonsense words. So this could all be just a joke.

Dismemberment Plan had regrouped for a Cal Robbins benefit show sponsored by Washington City Paper. The packed crowd at that show went nuts for the band. Morrison had bounced back from that notorious Pitchfork review of a few a years ago. So this is all very curious!

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