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Sonic Youth Discography Considered

In honor of Sonic Youth's two sold-out 9:30 Club shows this week Washington Post writer David Malitz invited a group of local music writers–myself included–to weigh in on their favorite Sonic Youth albums.

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you're probably already aware of my thoughts regarding the band's 1995 album Washing Machine (a masterpiece, clearly). If not, read them here along with contributions by Malitz, Marc Masters, and others.

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  • Michael J. West

    Well done sir. Care to share your point rankings?

  • Leitko

    Eh, I don't see why not.

    Bad Moon Rising: 3

    Evol: 3

    Sister: 7

    Washing Machine: 6

    A Thousand Leaves: 3

    Murray Street: 4

    Rather Ripped: 4

  • Sonic Euthanasia

    And the award for Biggest Fan of Unpopular Sonic Youth Albums goes to AARON LEITKO.

    Also came up with this one: AARON LEITKO Voted Most Likely to Ignore Daydream Nation While Arbitrarily Doling Out Points As Part Of A Hastily Assembled Sonic Youth Panel.

  • zatinya dissapoints

    NYC Ghosts and Flowers and Thurston's Solo Works.

  • Leitko

    Sister is an unpopular Sonic Youth album?