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Mp3 blogs are teetering on the edge of irrelevance. Thanks to Twitter an artist can cut out that middleman completely and deliver new songs directly to fans and followers. From the studio to the tweets in just minutes. The DC hip hop community in particular has been taking great advantage of this approach. Here are some recent zshare jams, as tweeted by a few of the area's most promising emcees. (You can't keep this middleman out the game, dammit!)

XO – "F.R.N.O."

RAtheMC – "We Ridin"" (Prod. Judah)

Mo Betta – "I Swear" (Prod. Whitefolkz)

Pro'Verb – "Persecuted Patriot" (Prod. Surock)

Kingpin SlimKing Of Da Inkpen 5 Song Sampler

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    Let's be honest, most mp3 blogging is thoughtless link-dumping. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Theoretically, the blogger is posting stuff they find interesting as they come across it...kind of like a radio DJ might.

    So, why bother pumping out 150 words of filler when all you're doing as saying "Look, there's a new song by _______. LINK"

    Twitter is just more efficient.

    My 2 cents...

    Bryan/Remember Your Future (@RYFblog)

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    ...or will it just making compiling mp3 blogs that much easier?

    As with most things journalism 2.0, I think there's an ever-increasing value in filtering what's out there for a narrow audience.

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    DMV Twitter family is lovely!

    ^_^ @liznewlifee

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    It's only effective when people pay attention. The City Paper does a good job paying attention.

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    Ok Im completely shocked. This is a great look tho I really appreciate it. I looked at my @ replies and seen this article posted like 50x's. The DMV has extraordinary talent Im glad its being recognized.

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    yo could u judge my mixtape i love ur insight.

    hit me on the email

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