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Hoss Records Releases New Mi Ami 12″/Announces Ecstatic Sunshine LP

After a year or so of relative silence, DC/Baltimore/Atlanta-based Hoss Records has revamped its website, cleaned up its game, and released its fall release schedule. It was worth the wait, though.

The label has just released the first installment in it's "Techno" 12" series, which features Mi Ami (which includes two former members of DC's Black Eyes) performing two side-long quasi-covers of dubstep pioneer Shackelton's "Blood on my Hands." It's a step in a different direction for the band, embracing slowly evolving synthesizer drones and tweaked 808-style bass, rather than squealing noise-guitar solos.

Then, in a few months, Hoss will release Yesterday's Work, a new full-length by Baltimore-based guitar-pedal aficionados Ecstatic Sunshine. That record will be preceded by the 7" single "Turned On," in August.

Also, Food For Animal's debut LP, Belly, has finally been pressed to vinyl.

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  • dscprlnt

    Another DC label of days-gone-by, Amor y Lucha, has re-started. they will be releasing a 12"EP by DC/Philly/Brooklyn four-piece Birds & Wires.
    more info at triple w(dot)amorylucha(dot)org

  • haterade

    Dear Birds & Wires,

    I can't help but notice that every time a Mi Ami 12" is promoted on this blog, you come here any hype your band in the comments section.

    I mean, just sayin.

  • dscprlnt

    it's called... outreach, grassroots outreach, better that than using some slimey pr agency don't you think?.

    i don't see what the problem is, besides, that's what blogs basically do... hype, i don't see how commenting on one (a blog that is) that there are other bands/labels in DC that are not Dischord related is so offensive to you.

    i mean, just sayin.

  • Haterade

    Sure thing. But only on blog posts about/pertaining to Mi Ami?

  • Mike Riggs

    Haterade is right. Birds and Wires should start jacking random threads to promote its stuff.

  • Pop Cesspool

    that Belly LP makes the sun shine, wombs swell with babies and invalids throw down their crutches.

  • dscprlnt

    I'll try my best to start jacking random threads from now on and will avoid anything that remotely hints of being related to the band Mi Ami or even the city of the same name (Miami, in case you missed it).

    btw, i was hyping a label not a band... just pointing out a new release.
    Looking forward to that Ecstatic Sunshine LP.