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Sonic Circuits Extravaganza @ Artomatic

Tomorrow afternoon Artomatic will host performances by, basically, every man or woman who has ever attempted to make noisy music in Washington, DC during the last five years. It's going to be nine-plus hours of drones, bleeps, bloops, and scratches curated by local avant-music festival Sonic Circuits. Nine hours. Well, you don't have to watch all of it, I guess. Sockets Records recently posted a helpful breakdown of the afternoon's schedule, which I'm re-posting below. Interested parties can feel free to cherry-pick their favorites or arrive just in time to see that special someone plug in their homemade synthesizer. Or, you know, make a day out of it, although I would advise you to bring along a pair of earplugs.

Full schedule after the jump

Sonic Circuits @ Artomatic
55 M St. SE, Washington DC
Cabaret Stage, 2nd Floor

Performer Time
Robert Blake Highway 4pm
Kingdom of Sharks 430pm
Sean Peoples 5pm
Layne Garrett 530pm
Dave Vosh+Logan Mitchell Sr. 6pm
Nine Strings 630pm
Fast Forty 7pm
RDK 730pm
Soft Pieces 8pm
BLK w/ BEAR+VJ Poppins 830pm
Pilesar 9pm
The Angus Brainpan 930pm
Tone Ghosting 10pm
Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble 1030pm
Second Land 11pm
Kuschty Rye Ergot 1130pm
Slug Bait 12am
Aerosolized Mucus 12:30am

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  • IntangibleArts

    Nuh-uh, no cherry-picking:
    Git there at 4 and stay put.
    There may be bleeps, but not sure about the bloops.

  • sonic circuits

    Bonus appearance by Rupert Chapelle and Arthur Harrison at 1am. Make that almost 10 hours! There will be free improv, psychedelic freakouts, space krautrock, harsh noise in addition to "bleeps" whatever those are...

  • Zach

    This is going to be amazing. And I second the comment advising against cherry-picking. If you have the time, all of these performers are worth seeing.

  • IntangibleArts

    Agree w/Zach. This is why GOD gave us CAFFEINE. If you start at 4, keep at the coffee. Chances are against you actually reaching lethal overdose until well after 1am. And it's the heart palpitations that do you in anyway, not the caffeine itself.

    and B.Y.O.Bloop.

  • Gary

    Where is the closest coffee shop? My espresso machine is not mobile.

  • clay

    bleep & bloop the city paper. f~kin yuppie sh!trag.

  • aerosolized mucus


  • Lou

    Those time traveling Aerosolized Mucus hepcats have come from the distant future just to do this show. Dig their crazy sounds. Their instruments are nuclear powered.

  • the missus

    i heard that aerosolized mucus once bit the head off a bat

    i have it on good authority that they're AT LEAST 10 inches

  • The One With The Shoes

    I used aerosolized mucus during the swine flu epidemic and I'm flu-free! I'm also social life free, which is a great side-effect. Thanks, Aerosolized Mucus! 5 Stars! Would Recommend!

  • Pissed-Off Queen

    aerosolized mucus rocks but that name is LAME! You should have called yourself Fuzzy Burlap, that's awesome.

  • The One with the Holy Shoes

    Aerosolized Mucus:

    The Best Lubricant

  • completely unrelated bystander

    i once saw aerosolized mucus rescue a baby from a runaway metro train

    that was on fire

    completely true story

  • prayer flags

    Word on the streets is that everything Aerosolized Mucus touch, turns red. BRIGHT red.

    Also, unrelated: the title of this blog contains a typographical error.

  • Intangible Arts

    We seriously need a comment thread like this which similarly repeats the name SLUG BAIT. Discuss.


    i totally saw slug bait and aerosolized mucus making out, like hardcore, almost heavy-petting, behind the lincoln memorial

  • Fifi P-buttz

    Just imagine if slug bait and aerosolized mucus had babies...the slimey afterbirth would be overwhelming...

  • booboobadkittyfuck

    Aerosolized Mucus once gave me the best aural sex of my life. Luckily I was up to date on my birth control, because I'm not sure I could handle that gory birth.

    In the end, I named all six of my cats - Aerosolized Mucus Doom Squad. I hug them every night before bed and vow my undying devotion and closet full of Aerosolized Tuna.

  • dave v.

    i am looking forward to both hearing some of d.c.`s finest noise-art performers and also playing at the event today with my improv partner, logan. i think it promises to be an amazing evening !
    sorry i didn`t have any cute, eclectic comments to add ! :)
    dave v.

  • Beatnik Betty

    i've been held hostage by members of my own band 'Dead Violets', as well as my alleged musical allies 'Blue Sausage Infant'.

    my newly formed cult of enemies, 'Slug Bait', are forcing me against my will to unleash the demon beast that lives underneath of my skull that was formed in the great schizophrenic quake of two-thousand-and-eight.

    come watch as I writhe in agony 'round midnight.

  • Beatnik Betty

    hahahhaah the author Aaron Leitko crossed out bleeps and bloops. LOLZ!

  • capt trips

    which bands are the best? does it get better later in the night? will there be anyone selling LSD? i thought aom closed at 1am, how will rupert perform if they close?

  • IntangibleArts

    We (slug bait) totally brought the bleeps. And then Aerosolized Mucus frightened me.

  • the missus

    you KNOW a noise band rules when they get kicked a noise fest. AEROSOLIZED MUCUS 4EVA4EVA4EVA4EVA4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beatnik Betty

    AEROSOLIZED MUCUS deserves an award for bringing down the HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff commented to me that he thought it was cool how all the womenz went crazy (between u and i) at the end of the evening.. BUHAHAHAHHAHA!!

  • aerosolized mucus

    clicky my name for saturday night's set of epic win

    we shall be doing an acoustic set at the baltimore electronic music fest

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