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Sonic Circuits 2009 Lineup Preview

Sonic Circuits just sent out a sneak-preview of this year's festival lineup and it looks like it's going to be a watershed year for DC's music nerds. The majesty of this year's bill is rivaled only by its inscrutability to the vast majority of listeners:Faust, Tim Hecker, Jandek!? There's a whole movie about how it's impossible to get in touch with Jandek, yet there he is, second from the top. Impressive. A number of other artists, both national and international, are also listed, along with a healthy supply of local talent.

But yeah, I had to pinch myself just to be certain that I was awake and that the event wasn't really taking place in Baltimore.

The festival will be taking place September 25-27, 2009.

List after the jump.

Andrew W.K.+Chris Grier+Ulrich Krieger
Elliot Sharp
Annea Lockwood & Tom Buckner
Marvin Aryes
Nine Strings + Pilesar
21st Century Ensemble
This Bag is not a Toy
Even Parker & Ned Rothenberg
David Daniell
Bicameral Mind
Janel & Anthony
Pekka Airaksinen
Luigi Archetti
ayyoko confidential
Jeff Carey
Tim Hecker
Gunter Hampel
Fckn Bstrds
Soft Pieces
Olivia Block+Tomas Korber
Never Work
Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikilla
Blue Sausage Infant
Dead Violets
Dr. Bibber
Second Land
Sean Peoples

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  • Dave

    The only reason I'd go to this concert is if I suddenly became dyslexic and thought Feist was headlining.

  • Brandon Wu

    "The only reason I’d go to this concert is if I suddenly became dyslexic and thought Feist was headlining."

    I hope that happens to someone.

  • Aaron Leitko

    I see a mashup opportunity here. "Feist So Far" anyone?

  • Marc

    Even Parker? :)

  • IntangibleArts

    Very psyched for FAUST, but ain't never heard o' this "feist"....

  • wrezhu

    Jandek is releasing pretty much every live show he's doing these days. You can track them down online, there's even a clip on youtube of him playing with a funk band. It'll be interesting to see who plays with him at SC.

  • kyanize

    dyslexia would cause you to think "fAUst" was "fUAst". stupidity would cause you to think "fAUst" was "fEIst".