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David Byrne’s New Concept Album: From Eno to Imelda

david byrneDavid Byrne's had his hands in many a cookie jar. The ex-Talking Head and Luaka Bop label founder played a building (literally), designed cheeky bike racks, and released one of 2008's best records with fellow '70s-era musical-genius-who-just-won't-quit Brian Eno. Now Byrne's got a new concept album in the works (via Stereogum via BBC).

Inspired by Imelda Marcos, the high heels-happy wife of ex-dictator of the Phillipines Ferdinand Marcos, Byrne penned the album with Fatboy Slim. Together they're recruiting different vocalists for each track. So far, Santigold is on board as well. Byrne told BBC's 6 Music:

There is a different singer on every song including Sharon Jones from Amy Winehouse's backing band The Dap Tones, Alice Russell and Tori Amos. There's a lot of singers, it goes on and on.

"On and on"? How many tracks are on this album? Here's hoping Byrne doesn't jump the shark with this one.

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  • Steve Kiviat

    This is based on a 2006 theatrical piece called "Here Lies Love" that Byrne presented in 2006 onstage in Australia and in 2007 at Carnegie Hall in NY. I think it got mixed reviews.

  • Ted Scheinman

    C'mon, Byrnie...Daptone is their label; the group is called the Dap-Kings. And referring to Sharon Jones as a member of "Amy Winehouse's backing band" is just rude!

    At the same time, you know, this is sweet. Cuz let's be honest: David Byrne fronting the Dap-Things is not something to miss.

    Though I may download it illegally. Just on principle.