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So Why Did The Crystal Stilts Cancel Its DC9 Show?

On Sunday night, Pop Cesspool and I walked over to DC9 to check out the Crystal Stilts show only to be faced with a flier on the door telling us that the band had canceled.

The Cesspool was miffed by the sudden no show. So he decided to e-mail the band. One Crystal Stilts member replied. Apparently, the band's van had broken down.

Slumberland notes that there are more tour dates so maybe you can catch the band in....Lawrence, KS on the 23rd. Or Harrisburg on the 26th.

*photo of Crystal Stilts courtesy of highrize.

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  • Martin

    that's a shame. cool band.

  • baconfat

    Crystal Stilts will be back in DC in less than 3 weeks, opening for the super-awesome Comet Gain at the Black Cat on April 8.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Wow. That Comet Gain show should be awesome. I hope the Black Cat scheduled it on the main stage because it might just sell out.