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Dischord Has New Remastered Versions Of Classic LPs

Dischord announced that it has more back-in-stock and remastered LPs. Records include Fugazi's Red Medicine (a must own), Embrace's self-titled LP, Scream's Still Screaming album and the Faith/Void split. Some of these have been reissued on colored vinyl!

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  • Dunl

    Wait, now Red Medicine's a "classic LP"?? Great record, I agree, but sure seemed relatively minor when it came out -- thanks for making me feel old.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Well when Red Medicine came out it did not seem minor to me. I was in college. That makes me old.

  • sam

    i remember this dude in highschool who as older than me, when i myself was just getting into Fugazi, and he always downplayed Red Medicine. and I was like, 'No freakin' way'. it was not only my first taste of the hipster standard 'it's-good-but-the-older-one-is-better' and also of the first times i remember disagreeing with someone i looked up to. Red Medicine still kicks ass.