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Gawker: You’re Not That Cool

DCist rightfully snarked on Gawker's snarking about how D.C. is not cool. The Gawker rant, "Cheer Up, DC Will Never Bo Cool," just isn't serious enough to merit much attention.

But this point was sorta dead on:

"Sure, 30 years ago DC had Bad Brains and Minor Threat, and today it still has, uh, Ian Svenonius (the Sassiest Boy in America!), but the intervening years have gentrified the hell out of a quarter of the city proper and kept the rest in abject urban poverty, more or less. Not a great recipe for 'cool'!"

Except, last time I checked New York was gentrifying the hell out of its grid. The last time I checked, the most influential band in Brooklyn doesn't reside there. No, that band's early albums were put out by a guy who lives in D.C. and its members grew up around here. That band is called Animal Collective. We really like Animal Collective.

I dig the writer's interest in fighting economic inequality. But if the writer really cared about "abject urban poverty," what the hell is he doing blogging for Gawker? It's not like that job really sticks it to the Man. I might be wrong, but Gawker hasn't exactly turned into Human Rights Watch or hired a renowned sociologist to write engaging narratives about urban poverty.

And New York didn't invent go-go. I'm shocked the writer didn't at least give it a mention! Anyway, all this ranting is just an excuse to post this Junkyard video from 1985. I discovered this video at the Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum (which I sort of critiqued a while ago).

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  • Morgan

    WTF do you think a haters job is? To f'ing hate. So let them do their damn job. - Kat Williams.

    The guy who wrote that article is just a hater and clearly doesn't know DC very well. He probably doesn't know NYC that well. He probably isn't even from NYC. He probably is from Michigan and moved to NYC a few years ago to write for Gawker.

    Ever since the Inauguration craziness, all these articles about DC vs. NYC have been coming out. Like really? This is all people have to write about now? Hater Behavior. So what if DC isn't 'cool'. It got him to write about it, so DC must have something they don't.

  • real plastic trees

    the writer was referring to the fact that dc has for years lacked a real middle class. it's all rich or poor.

    but really, there are cool people, cool parties, cool bands, all that in dc. the only thing that there isn't, is that hard to define sense of community that you get in philly or baltimore.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Bullshit. there is a middle class in D.C. And its made up of cops, teachers, government employees, etc.