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The Weekend’s Must-See Music Acts: Deleted Scenes, DJ Decibelle, and Cat Power




  • Cat Power, Dex Romweber Duo. 9:30 club. SOLD OUT! (So hit up Craigslist.) All ages.
  • The Morning Benders, The Submarines (that band from the iPhone commercials!), Dawn Landes. Black Cat Backstage. $12. All ages.
  • The Stereofidelics, Whiz Bang Three. The Red & The Black. $6. +21.
  • Young Concert Artists Series: Wonny Song, piano. Kennedy Center. $30.
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  • curm

    You left off of Friday night great bluesman Corey Harris at Blues Alley, the fantastic soul triplebill with The Stylistics, The Chi-Lites & Harold Melvins' Bluenotes at the Strathmore,The Persuasions at the Barns of Wolf Trap,
    Dianne Reeves (longtime jazz vocalist) with Esperanza Spalding (jazz singing jazz acoustic bassist) at the Warner Theatre, and Donald Harrison (New Orleans and contemporary jazz horn player) at
    Bohemian Caverns, 2001 Eleventh Street NW (Sat. 2-8 also). Hmmmmmm, what do all those acts have in common in addition to be as notable or maybe even more so then the ones you listed. Perhaps you should have titled the posting "this weekend's rock or rock-related acts or djs I know about."

  • curm

    That should say "being as notable". On Saturday you left out Eddie Santiago (Puerto Rican Salsa Romantico) at Cecelia's (aka Salsa Room)in Arlington and Randy Weston (jazz pianist with African influences) at the Publick Playhouse, 5445 Landover Rd, Cheverly.

    On Sunday you left out Vusi Mahlasela (South African singer-songwriter) at the Clarice Smith Center and
    Beáta Palya ( Hungarian folk and Gypsy music
    with jazz and pop) for free from 6 to 7 at
    the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. Plus the record fair at the Civilian Art Projects in Dc from 12 to 5. If you only want to list rock that's fine but just label it that rather than saying "must-see music acts" which implies at least the possibility of non-rock.

  • curm

    Why no country, no metal, no go-go?

  • real plastic trees

    curm; city paper likes what they like. many have bitched but few have listened.

    i am frankly thrilled that they're not ignoring Caverns and Deleted Scenes, I love those bands.

    Over the years though i have seen many DC bands come and go without a mention from WCP.

    For more complete local coverage, Post and are better. This paper likes the avant-garde, the obscure, and anything related to the old DC music scene.

    Not criticizing, just informing. Everybody has their niche.

  • curm

    Wrong. The City Paper has had a long history of covering a wide variety of music. And so if one blogger only wants to highlight white indie-rockers, then she should say, here's are my fave 'rock' events this weekend or just my fave events this weekend. When Cherkis highlights his fave records at local record stores he lists more than indie-rock (and thus gets no criticism). The City Paper runs jazz blog posts and posts for lots of different styles. And if you think every little indie act she listed is avante-garde you are only kidding yourself. Don't defend her posting. She can do better.

  • Mike Riggs

    @Curm: I titled the post. If we missed an act that you deem a must-see, then write your own post or do what you did this time around and include them in the comments. There's no reason, however, to attack a colleague in a public forum. You can do better.

  • alex decibelle

    thanks for the shoutout! 'twas a great night