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Dan Deacon needs some interns says Pitchfork. He's paying real cash money–$15 per hour to transcribe his latest compositions.

Dischord says remastered copies of Fugazi's "7 Songs" EP are now available.

Gypsy Eyes need to update its news page. We know the label is hosting an inaugural-themed event at Comet. Just can't find the details.

I'm really digging The Points.

Your Must Purchase: Sublime Frequencies has a another vinyl-only Tuareg guitar record out.

The Vinyl District revisits some classic Replacements tunes.

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  • curm

    From the Gypsy Eyes e-mail

    Comet Ping Pong Inaugural Party
    Tuesday Jan. 20th
    Featuring musical performances by:

    Federico Aubele
    Brandon Butler

    FREE SHOW!!!

  • kalani

    website is now (or very shortly) updated so you can see the glorious full color flyer!!!