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Shocker! Pitchfork Readers Have Really Dull Taste

Has the year in indie rock been this boring? Or do Pitchfork readers just have really predictable tastes? The website dropped their first annual readers poll yesterday. Here's the top ten:

01. TV on the Radio: Dear Science
02. Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes / Sun Giant EP
03. Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend
04. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
05. Deerhunter: Microcastle / Weird Era Cont.
06. Portishead: Third
07. MGMT: Oracular Spectacular
08. Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours
09. M83: Saturdays=Youth
10. No Age: Nouns

Some of these records I really dug. I loved both the Deerhunter and No Age LPs. But both didn't make my top 10. Also interesting, not a single hip-hop album in the readers' poll. What is up with that? No Kanye? No Flying Lotus? No Q-Tip?

Hopefully very soon, we will start posting our own top-10 lists, debating the year in music, and posting the opinions of local music types. Feel free to slam our lists, too.

*photo of TV On The Radio courtesy of Banquet Records.

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  • Brent Burton

    It's inevitable; when these lists get posted, someone always asks, why no hip hop?

    Yet, you never hear anyone say, why no country? Or why no metal?

  • Wilson

    Come on, the list may be completely predictable but the bands on it are hardly dull. If you want M.O.R. listmaking, head over to Rolling Stone or Blender.
    I think a better reason to beef with Pitchfork is the tracks list that came out today. The rap selections were pitiful.

  • Wilson

    People on the internet don't listen to country?

  • Jason Cherkis

    Burton--great point about the country and the metal.I'm sure that Rolling Stone's list marries up pretty well with Pitchfork readers list....OK. Just checked the list:

    It's pretty awful but does include some of the same albums. TV On the Radio, Vampire Weekend, MGMT.

    Wilson--you are right. Rolling Stone list is much, much worse.

  • SarahG

    Lil' Wayne's "Tha Carter III" is on there.

  • baconfat

    i'm quite certain pitchfork's writers and staff listen to much more hip-hop than the average reader does. even if there had been 50 hip-hop albums in the 150 selections the readers could choose from, i doubt any more than a couple would have made the top 25.

    the kanye has a couple of really hot singles but it came out too late to grow on most people, many of whom were probably initially turned off by the autotune abuse.

  • curm

    "Any more than a couple." Oh please. Hiphop and r'n'b got neglected, and the reason their absence gets pointed out more regularly certainly has to do with race relations and the history of segration in this country as well as the enormous role African-Americans have played in the history of popular music.

    Over at the I Love Music chatboard some folks complain about the lack of country and metal on lists as well as the lack of rap, r'n'b, African,caribbean and Latin music.

  • curm

    rappers ABN, TI, Jeezy, Webbie and Guilty Simpson are all as worthy choices as anything on the Pitchfork list