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Rise Records Signs Another Shitty Electronica Act

First there was Breathe Carolina, which Rise Records heralded as the creators of "an entire new genre," and now there's Watch Out! Theres Ghosts [sic], an "experimental/live electronics" duo from California. If this is Rise's idea of signing new, "ground-breaking" talent, I've got news for the Oregon-based hardcore label: The new stuff blows. It's terrible hardcore and mediocre electronica.

Rise was on a roll for a while, with recent additions like Burden of a Day and Oceana (both straight hardcore acts), but the momentum seems to have dissipated. (Hey Rise, looking for a new act worth growing/a chance to redeem yourself for signing up shitty electronica bands? Check out Soldier City Legends–another Florida gem.) Breathe Carolina and WO!TG are especially painful listening when compared to Rise powerhouses Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa.

Perhaps Rise has a boner for the dance club crowd? Or maybe it's just jumping on the two-man, screamo-electronica bandwagon? ($5 or a Hot Topic giftie of equal value says Rise offers to sign EATMEWHILEIMHOT! before the end of the year.)

Photo courtesy of Watch Out! Theres Ghosts' Myspace page.

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  • Victoria

    Your an asshole. Who gives a shit of who signs a band that you dislike. Breathe Carolina rocks my socks and you just a jerk who is hate-ing on them. Lighten up. Who cares? Whatch! There's ghosts is as well a pretty good band (even though Breathe Carolina pwns all) you should take in consideration about how us, people who do listen to their music, feel about how you are putting a bad name for this new genre. I think it's creative and it's honestly hot. Your a dousche, and just shut the hell up with all your whining about rise records signing a band you don't like. Who gives a shit about your opinion! Thank you!