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Wintry Mix: Thor’s Rubber Hammer Plans New Compilation

Locally run out-sounds label Thor's Rubber Hammer has divulged the details for an upcoming compilation of tracks inspired by the winter holidays—just in time for the winter holidays. Last Winter We Didn't Sing will feature pieces by Scott Tuma, The Instruments, Susan Alcorn, Greg Davis, Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan, Fabio Orsi, Chartreuse, and D.C.'s Nicholas Szczepanik. With artwork provided by Ariel Kitch (pictured above), the collection will be the ideal stocking-stuffer for those tickled by spellbinding drones and frosty contemplation.

Mosey over to the TRH Web site for an exclusive MP3 from Tuma: an alternate take of his track "Mr. Beautiful Head" that won't appear on the CD. And while you're there, be sure to check out the deals offered at the shop as part of the label's two-year anniversary blow-out.

Hopes are high for an official release by the end of November, so check back with the site soon for information on pre-orders.

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  • Sheldon Burke

    laugh at it...especially when hip hop and R&B is supposed to be the bane of the youth of the nation. I also find it just plain disturbing that there is Christian rock, rap, and even metal...I can maybe get rock, not so much rap, but DEFINITELY not metal, which so many people think is "of the Devil." It's a high-paying new part of the music industry so many are trying to cash in. Beyonc