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If Breathe Carolina is any indication of the direction in which post-hardcore is headed, EATMEWHILEIMHOT! is either ahead of the curve or trying desperately to catch up (notice that EMWIH & BC share a thing for dirty-boy glamour shots).

EMWIH's early releases suggest that the members of the band (one of whom is Nevershoutnever's Christian/vegetarian Christoph(f?)er Drew) opted for sampling chunks of the styles that influenced them instead of coming up with a coherent sound of their own.

The only two tracks I've listened to more than once contain geeky screaming and deathcore growls, super-slow, doom-metal breakdowns, lots of palm-muted rhythm lines, sparse electronica beats, judicious use of double-bass, and saccharine pop-punk choruses. There's even a pirate "Argh!" somewhere near the end of "Two Armed Man," and a tribute to Leave it to Beaver The Andy Griffith Show in "The Point." But neither combination amounts to much. If I want post-hardcore, I'm going to listen to Burden of a Day, Oceana, or Underoath, or five or six of the other bands that do the crowd proud (and if I want new post-hardcore, I'm going to listen to Hand to Hand–post forthcoming). There's better pop, too, like The Academy Is... (see next week's City Lights) and Emery. And it's telling that the more-focused "The Point" is a better song.

Ultimately, the price of being artsy–if mindless eclecticism counts as art–totals up to a limited true-fanbase, a possible quick rise to indie fame, and ultimately, obsolescence. So long as they're working off a gimic, EMWIH will never hear their songs on indie FM stations, and I doubt they'll release anything  beyond an EP. In other words, if they last more than a season, it means that EATMEWHILEIMHOT! will have picked a genre and stuck with it.

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  • brenda

    fuck this you fucking suck dick!!!!

  • Mike Riggs

    I take it you're a fan?

  • dustin

    i agree with brenda.
    in fact, most everybody will agree with brenda.
    you do suck dick.
    lot's, and lot's of dick.
    everyone loves eatmewhileimhot,
    and everyone loves christopher drew.
    they're a great band.
    and they have a very unique sound.
    i'm mean, seriously.
    what you rather your kids listen to?
    or today's rap and hip hop that is about
    nothing more than sex, rape, drugs, and violence.
    maybe you should think about the more meaning of things,
    than if you like their sound or not.
    before you publish shit like this.
    i rest my case.

  • Shelby

    this is crap.
    EMWIH! is awesome.
    you are a true douchebag

  • ashley

    Wow, it's called a SIDE PROJECT.
    They're having fun.
    And their music is the sht so back of.

  • Leighton

    you know, the people that listen to emwih! probably don't care too much for your review. just because you're too much of a softy and, better yet, a simple man to understand what emwih! is about and that they're just some friends having fun, doesn't mean you have to bash them. does this bring some joy to you? do you really have to take time away from your obviously miserable life to put down a couple of kids? so this isn't your "thing", and you like the softer, more pussy like metal, you have no right to say what they're about. "geeky screaming and deathcore growls"? screaming, something you'll never be able to do because you suck so much dick, is often used in a more sarcastic manner (hint the "fun" part of this band). so don't get your panties in a bunch about it. i mean, take a look at heavyheavy lowlow. oh, and oceana, that's some geeky ass screaming. and the "deathcore growls", that's just badassery. the electronica beats and double bass are both boss as hell. and the "saccharine pop-punk choruses"? how can you commend the academy is.. but say chris drew's singing is no bueno? get your shit straight. and that "argh!", is a "yah". he says "yah, trick!". good research though. and look at 'em now, pretty damn successful if you ask me. a lot more amusing than your ill attempts to put shame to bands.

  • Anonymous

    Hah, the only thing wrong with this review is that it takes a great band and suggest that it is not great and then offers up a few crap bands that are the cool thing this year, Underoath for example.

    The fact is, Eatmewhileimhot is not a real project, it is a side-project of Christopher Drews, who's Nevershoutnever name makes enough money for him not to have to worry wether this side project for FUN goes anywhere or not.

  • bdvtdambcs

    it's not a tribute to leave it to beaver... it's the andy griffith show. if you're gonna diss their pop culture references do it right.

  • Mike Riggs

    @bdvtdambcs: Thanks for the heads up.

  • theWind

    Wow. The responses to this have been... nasty, to say the least.

    Anyway - their name has been changed to Mister Owl due to some sort of copyright issue or something, so a heads-up on that.

    Anyway. Frankly, I think they're pretty good and disagree with many points made in this post, but I won't criticize you for publicly posting your opinions; that's what the internet has come to be about.

    What I will disagree with is you calling bands like Burden of a Day, Oceana, and Underoath "hardcore." Firstly, I'm sure you're referring to "deathcore," "death metal," or some other form of heavier metal; "hardcore" is a style of electronica, fairly similar to trance, if I'm not mistaken. Secondly, calling any of those bands "heavier metal" in general is straight up, well... LOL.

    I'm not into deathcore or whatever (I actually think that stuff is quite boring; every song from every band sounds nearly identical), so please don't take this as me defending it; I like those three bands you named. But those three bands are [Burden of a Day:] post-hardcore, [Underoath:] metalcore, and [Oceana:] I'm not sure (I haven't really listened to them much, or in a very long time, so I couldn't tell you off the top of my head).

    And then, of course, there's the problem of you calling The Academy Is... and Emery "pop." They may have elements of pop blended in their musical style, but they, my fair sir, are by no means pop. (See Britney Spears or Madonna.)

    Anyway... Just stopped by to give a friendly reminder to, before posting, "Wikipedia that shit!" Thanks. :)

  • dylan

    you my good fellow are very wrong emwih/misterowl my not be as "hardcore" as you might say they are but even the example you gave us sucked bands such as underoath? cum on my grandma listens to better shit than that
    if your going to name some hard core bands at least say something badass like iwrestledabearonce and bring me the horizon or something i mean come, so i am going to have to agree whith everyone else you suck dick!!!!

  • turtle

    awh, eatmewhilei'mhot! sounds better than mister owl.

    .. yeah that's all i wanted to say.

  • anna

    wow, I don't understand why you have to dis them. That band is wonderfull, and just because he's not singing about bullshit, and his voice sounds absolutly amazing. Btw, underoath isn't shitty, but their not "harcore"
    Real fucking hard core is bands like: suicide silence, Arsonists gets all the girlsthe black dahlia murder, Dance club massacre, The devil wears prada, and many fucking more. But don't talk shit about Christopher Drew, He's one bad ass mother fucker. Breath carolina's the shit also. So Fuck you haters. EATMEWHILEIMHOT and NEVERSHOUTNEVER put me and I'm sure others in an exultant mood. So stop trying to say their obstreperous, and annoying because their not.

  • Keaton Rondelli

    dude wtf. this article is terrible. the band is no longer doing anything. they changed their name and then quit all together. if you thought this was crap i suggest you dont listen to i set my friends on fire, brokencyde, legion of doom, or any other fun time music. im one of cristofers good friends. and him and i have something planned for the future. another good hardcore project lined up consisting of cristofer ingle, me keaton rondelli, nate holly, marc lowe, and jacob jones. were just having fun and thats what cristofer and hayden and them were doing. you should have listened to ibeatgirlsatsports of xXBURRITOXx because captain planet is going to save us all. even if he is a cartoon and a figment of our imagination ;)

  • deathin6

    wow... all the defenders of lame mall-core with dudes with "myspace hair" and eyeliner came out of the woodworks...

    this band reeks of Hot Topic marketing...

    how about you try and listen to some real hardcore or real metal little boys and girls, instead of over-hyped garbage that VH1 feeds your virgin ears... Underoath? are you fucking kidding me?

    hardcore: minor threat, die kreuzen, black flag, fucked up, sex vid, etc..

    metal: slayer, wolves in the throne room, judas priest, iron maiden,etc..

    oh... and death to so-called "christian punk/hxc", there is no god and there is no room for her/him in punk.

  • Keaton Rondelli

    kill yourself deathin6. eatmewhileimhot was fucking amazing while they were around. too bad they are no longer a band.. fuck every band you mentioned as your shit to listen to.. metal is some killswitch engage or inked in blood. your hardcore sucks as well man. damn no bring me the horizon? a skylit drive? parkway drive or job for a cowboy? not even the devil wears prada or august burns red... your a sad little man. and are you serious? underoath is fucking amazing. aaron and spencers performances alone are breathtaking.

  • souchebag

    i can see why kids love this band but to me that's just straight crap, i gave the songs a try but damn, a

    nd i agree with death6, the whole mall core scene killed music, i sometimes go to see shows with bands thats sounds a little bit like bmth but hell, sometimes i feel like most of the people aren't there for the music, the emo-hardcore isn't sincere anymore, it's just a fashion show

    anyway that"s just my opinion

  • bag

    oh keaton , there woulndt be any bring me the horizon if minor threat, die kreuzen, black flag, fucked up, sex vid didn't exist

  • http://poohpoohhead. ieatbabiesforbreakfast

    you are a smally peice of pooh. you have not one music taste in your body. you name over popular bands who are getting popular by the minute that faggot gays listen tooo, to try and notch up their hardcore level. your probably a big arab terrorist and raised with your slut mother sucking on her teets till you were 11.
    assshole. go find something interesting to do with your time.
    he is cuter than you, i bet you have the face off an asshole, and the personality of pooooh.

  • matthew

    i'm guessing you followed what people told you was cool for most of your life... right?

    -nod yes.

    This is the part where i tell you to stop thinking your opinions matter, because they're the opinions of a tool.
    Go follow someone and stop writing garbage.

    Ever remember hearing Underoath for the First time?!? Remember how exciting it was?! When no one knew about them, and screaming hardcore didn't have melodies?!?
    They blazed a new trail.

    Now try and imagine a piece of crap like you who sits at a desk and talks shit. Don't stomp on that dream.
    fuck off mike riggs!

  • julie

    you're dumb.
    you call yourself a reporter?
    try spelling his name right.
    its ChristoF-E-R.
    do some research.

  • Craig

    I think your review is actually pretty accurate dude. These types of new hardcore bands like, EMWIM, I set my friends on fire, Breathe Carolina, and etc. i think they'll be here for some time because it seems like most music is goin towards this ne-electronic sound, i personally despise the stuff. Im a big fan of circa and underoath so thats where i lay my thoughts about creativity and what not..

  • Keaton Rondelli

    craig, expand your horizons man, let yourself open up to some breath carolina, attack attack!, or some good shit.

  • Olivia

    It was a fucking side project! Get over it...they're having fun.

  • angelica

    WELL U SHOULDNT BE LIFE THAT AGENCTER EMWIH. THERE not as bad as u think, and u shouldnt be so judje mentle, alot of people like them, and i personaly do, not only for there cutienes but for there uneqnes.. its great.. :) so lower down on that.. :)

  • Steve Kolowich

    Mike, why do you always get all the fun comments?

    The winner is clearly @dylan (#11), with "Cum on my grandma..."

  • Candace !:D

    get off their dicks!
    Music is a way of expression,
    And it's different for every person and band!

    Anyways, it's just a side projects..
    A really badass side project, I must say. (:

  • Alexis

    christofer drew ingle (vocalist of emwih) has his own thing call nevershoutnever! (nsn) and his music is really indie calm inspirational type. emwih is nothing like his music.
    i love emwih better than nsn honestly and im not the screamo type!

    lay off them.
    they rock.
    theyre the sickest out there.
    shut up just cuz you cant get their fame.

  • ambi

    whatever!!!!this band roxz, and part of there amazing sound comes from the screaming......they are a screamo band what do you expect???

  • shannon

    wtf dude? EatMe is the fckin shit...and if u actually did research you would of saw that on their myspace they said they make these songs for fun..they're not tryin to become famous...and christofer drew [vocals] is ahmzin to, and if u dis eatmewhileimhot then you're dissing him to....and all his other fans would kill you for that!

    jst shut ur fckin trap. they can do//sound like whatever the helll they feel like!!!

  • Brenden

    I love this band! They connect with me better than NSN does, actually. I will admit, they should stop screwing around with their sentimental songs though, like in The Point. However, everything before the breakdown in that song is........ brilliant. I love it. I teared up a little...

  • oceangirl

    Why would you want to rip on christoder? He is amazing and his music is a lot better than the hardcore crap you listed. They were having fun and people enjoy listening to their music. You need to have an open mind!
    Why would you think people would want to listen to you if you can't even think outside your little box!! If you don't like them that's your choice,but don't go calling them crappy. I'm sure that you couldn't even rite kellogs commercials,much less real music. So back off the new styles of music,things change. If it wasn't for the new scene we would all still be stuck with the fucking back street boys.
    And oh please don't dis someone for being a Christian at least he believes in something other than his own ego,which is apparently the only thing you care about.

    Oh and nevershoutnever is the shit. His music is real and he sings about normal teenage things. Its so much deeper than the crap they put on the radio.
    Plus I think christofer is amazingly hot and that's not for his looks but for his morals and his heart. He puts it all in his music for people to enjoy. But oh,that's right according to you he's just punk pop.
    GET A LIFE!!! Lol :)
    And what does any of this have to do with art anyway??

  • jadaaaa :)

    i love themm :) OHSHITT </33

  • jadaaaa :)

    i think all of you inmature KIDS should stop arguing on the internet !!! i mean seriously, im not trying to start any problems but this is fucking ridiculous.... please stopp.

  • braedon

    dudes. it's his opinion. I don't think they suck, but I don't disagree with anything he said.

    I also don't think that Underoath sucks. saying a band sucks is stupid, pointing out their flaws is acceptable

  • EffYou

    Youre just jealous because christofer drew (yes, its an f loser) is about a million times more awesome than youll ever be in your pathetic life. emwih! is pretty much the coolest band ever, because they just make the songs for fun. the words 'SIDE PROJECT' mean anything to you? i mean seriously? And come on, you gotta love the lyrics. 'Captain planet, hes our hero, hes gonna bring pollution down to zero' xDD. Anyway, Christofer is so real and down to earth and fucking cute that anything he sings (or screams) is genius. Thank you. Im done now.

  • believemedani

    +1 awesome point to this blog. The sad thing is that Christofer Drew's "side project," which drops their album tomorrow, is better than his actual band. Christofer Drew is the cookie-cutter hipster kid, vegetarian/vegan, but hardcore smoker, tattooed with "meaningful lyrics" (I think at least one of them is from one of his own songs; epic ego fail.) All the little fan boys and fan girls need to realize that it's you're opinion, and that you're not obliged to love the band, just because the douchy lead singer is popular with the teen set. Chances are, these are the same kids who were listening to The Jonas Brothers just last year. It's amusing how all these kids think that writers bash their favorite bands, just because they're jealous of the fame the band has, when it's the exact opposite. You're just doing your job, and if that means you have to bash a few shitty "hardcore" bands, then so be it.

  • Dirty69

    Every single one of you guys in this post have a shitty ass taste in music. All except for deathin6. The rest of you are just scene sluts and emo fags who like to listen to stupid mainstream bullshit.

  • xXxCaitlinxXx

    I think people are geting way to upset over this, the guy just voiced his opinion, and if you have nothing good to say don't say it, it will make the world a happier place =).Maybe you should all just agree to disagree? If anyone knows anything about Christopher Drew you would know he doesn’t encourage hate.