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You Will Choose Freewill

The worst thing that's happened to me in months is the Amazon MP3 store, which every day has a "daily deal" that leads to internal dialogs like this:

Hey! Supertramp's Breakfast in America for only $2.99! I should totally get that!

Wait–you sing along with Supertramp on the radio, but there's probably a reason you don't own any of their records.

But it's only $2.99...


Today you can buy Rush's Permanent Waves for $.99. It's almost harder to argue against buying it at that price. And if this weekend you can find a used copy of Atlas Shrugged for a quarter, you can become a libertarian for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Also, if you get really obsessed, here's an RSS feed that some clever person built for the daily deal.

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  • Huddo

    For years I told people that this was "the one to get".

  • emoboy

    hi, i've got pictures of my new emo haircut