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Photos: Sigh and Unexpect @ Jaxx

Sigh 31

In my show preview I said these two bands were musically way over the top. Turns out, they're visually way over the top too: Sigh featured an extremely energetic frontwoman on sax and vocals, and while she naturally drew the bulk of attention (her choice of wardrobe was likely a factor here), bandleader Mirai Kawashima, pictured above, was one of the more animated keyboardists I've ever seen. Before them, Unexpect left the entire stage in front of the drum riser wide open—pedals, mic stands, etc all shoved to the side—to give them room to dance, headbang, and generally jump around spastically with massive amounts of hair flying everywhere.

Musically, Sigh were fun, although much more guitar-oriented than they are on record—though that might have just been because the keyboard and sax were mixed way too low. Unexpect's live show seems to be getting better all the time, which makes sense since they never seem to stop touring. The two opening bands were both pretty solid. All in all a good night for a metalhead; shame the club wasn't anywhere near packed (it was actually the emptiest I've ever seen Jaxx, which usually seems to get good attendance).

Tons more photos are here at Flickr, but here are some highlights from Sigh:

Sigh 14

Sigh 24

Sigh 30

And a few from Unexpect:

Unexpect 09


Unexpect 16

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  • Arthur Delaney

    AWWWW, SIGH WAS HERE!!! Did they play "A Sunset Song"? Did they play "The Tranquilizer Song"?

    Imaginary Sonicscape is my favorite album of all time. It saddens me that they've completely abandoned that psychedelic sound on their new recordings.

  • Brandon Wu

    Nope, neither of those. They did play "Corpsecry/Angelfall" and "Dreamsphere" from Imaginary Sonicscape though.

    I'm bad with setlists, but someone said they played these, and it sounds right to me, although a couple of the songs I didn't recognize:

    Bring Back the Dead
    Dreamsphere (Return to Chaos)
    Inked in Blood
    Death With Dishonor
    Hail Horror Hail
    Black Metal (Venom)

    not in order.

  • Arthur Delaney

    Cool, thanks for your reporting. Looks like my fave album was well represented. I suspect my fave songs are too wussy for Sigh's newfound power-metal tuff motif.

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