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One More Piece of Evidence Rock Criticism Is Dead

This morning I got a promo package in the mail–an album by a band called Colourmusic. This mailing was a nice, old-school gesture on the promo people's part. It is rare getting an actual promo CD. So yeah, thanks Colourmusic! I celebrate your whimsical, vaguely psych-folk stylings! In fact, you can use that as a blurb on your CD. It would look like this:

"I celebrate your whimsical, vaguely psych-folk stylings!–Washington City Paper."

Instead, Colourmusic chose to blurb from something with a little more gravitas–Wikipedia.


The blurb is sooooooo Lester Bangs meets Pitchfork: "They run some sort of hippie commune out there in rural Oklahoma. I heard they all had the same girlfriend."

Should rock critics get mad? Or is this just a joke?

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  • Michael J. West

    Has to be a joke.

    (But I'm a jazz critic and therefore have no cache here. I'll just step aside.)

  • Bill Smith

    Could it be a comment about how the environment of the artist affects the music? I'm scratching my head.

  • Andrew West Griffin

    Colourmusic is tops! And I live in Oklahoma. Nearby. In the vicinity. All very colourful. Come on out sometime.

  • Jeninfer

    I'm an Okie, too. The blurb is simply hilarious. Most people don't read those sticker things before they tear the plastic wrapper off, anyway. Enough said.

    It makes me WISH it were true!

  • Austin

    Quoting Wikipedia is pretty whimsical (just like the band). So, why are you complaining?