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One More Piece of Evidence Rock Criticism Is Dead

This morning I got a promo package in the mail–an album by a band called Colourmusic. This mailing was a nice, old-school gesture on the promo people's part. It is rare getting an actual promo CD. So yeah, thanks Colourmusic! I celebrate your whimsical, vaguely psych-folk stylings! In fact, you can use that as a blurb on your CD. It would look like this:

"I celebrate your whimsical, vaguely psych-folk stylings!–Washington City Paper."

Instead, Colourmusic chose to blurb from something with a little more gravitas–Wikipedia.


The blurb is sooooooo Lester Bangs meets Pitchfork: "They run some sort of hippie commune out there in rural Oklahoma. I heard they all had the same girlfriend."

Should rock critics get mad? Or is this just a joke?

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  1. #1

    Has to be a joke.

    (But I'm a jazz critic and therefore have no cache here. I'll just step aside.)

  2. #2

    Could it be a comment about how the environment of the artist affects the music? I'm scratching my head.

  3. #3

    Colourmusic is tops! And I live in Oklahoma. Nearby. In the vicinity. All very colourful. Come on out sometime.

  4. #4

    I'm an Okie, too. The blurb is simply hilarious. Most people don't read those sticker things before they tear the plastic wrapper off, anyway. Enough said.

    It makes me WISH it were true!

  5. #5

    Quoting Wikipedia is pretty whimsical (just like the band). So, why are you complaining?

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