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R.I.P. Robert Michael Reed

From Take Me Out To The GoGo Magazine:

"Robert Michael Reed -aka- Syke Dyke of Trouble Funk passed away at 10:42 last night of Pancreatic Cancer at the age of 50.

For those who don't know, Dyke founded Trouble Funk in 1977. He served as musician and vocals for many Trouble Funk tunes...including probably one of his most notible signature rap delivery in the song "Pump Me Up." Funeral Arrangements and info will be forthcoming..."

There's lots more info on the message board.



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    Rest In Peace Rob.....This man taught me all that I know about the go-go industry. He taught me how to count measures, he taught me how to lead talk, he taught me breakdowns and bridges. etc. Im 23 now and he taught me when I was 9. I have nothing but respect for Rob man and will be happy when I meet him in heaven. REST IN PEACE ROB, I MISS U ALREADY JO.......Lil Al aka Lil Zo(X-rated Band, Nu-Styles Band)

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    RIP ROB. GO GO will never die.

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    Go-Go(what we called him at FED EX)was a wonderful person who ALWAYS had a smile on his face!! I will miss you!!! RIP

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    thanks for supporting my uncle's music much love.

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    I live in London England, and was introduced to the music of Trouble Funk as an eighteen year old in 1982, at London Club The Electric Ballroom by london dj Paul Anderson, who quickly adopted the name Trouble into his dj name. I became an instant fan, and in 1984 became a good friend of Afrika Bambaataa. I loved the vocals of Robert Reed who quickly became my favourite musician. When Trouble Funk toured England in later years Bambaataa took me to meet all the members of the band including Robert Reed at their concert at Londons Town and COUNTRY cLUB. i WAS IN HEAVEN AND i WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT. i ONLY DISCOVERED THE DEATH OF rOBERT rEED LAST WEEK. iT IS A SAD OCCASSION. i WANT TO TRY AND ARRANGE A MEMORIAL EVENT IN lONDON AS THEIR ARE MANY FANS HERE THAT ARE NOT AWARE OF THIS SAD DEATH. Please offer any help you can.

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