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Carol Bui’s Top Ten Records of 2007


Local singer/songwriter/guitar-shredder Carol Bui was kind enough to provide CP with a list of her top ten records of 2007. Bui's sophomore record, Everyone Wore White, came out this year on the label 54º 40' or Fight! You can read more about that here.

Here's a list of ten albums I've listened to most this year, some are new releases, some aren't.

In no particular order:

Kala, M.I.A

Harmonium, Glos

In Rainbows, Radiohead

Excellent Italian Greyhound, Shellac

First Take, Roberta Flack

Polemics EP, 31Knots

Places, Georgie James

Dizzy Spells, the Ex

The Best Gun, Pash

Ys, Joanna Newsom

Let in the Light, Shannon Wright

Placelessness, Alina Simone

Live at the Academy NYC 12.4.92, Television

Marry Me, St. Vincent

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  • Iliana

    Ys was released in 2006.

  • Sadie

    I can't believe that Carol and I are the only two list-writers who think Radiohead belongs in the top ten. Backlash much?

  • khrisb

    I agree with almost everything except for a few exceptions:
    NO Devandra Banhart and NO Manu Chao
    I like her list, realy hipster, but good none-the less. What about Manu Chao? He was on my top ten and even on Time magazines top list. This guy is a sheer genius. Ch-ch-check it out!

  • khrisb
  • curm

    No, there were just lots of other good cds out there. But you only listed 8, when everyone else listed 10. Were you busier with non-musical pursuits in '07, or do you really believe, that in 2007 when you could find online or elsewhere cd releases in a million different genres and subgenres that as you put it, "no other artist filled that void with a startlingly original recording."

  • carol

    whoops, I listed 14, not 10. there are too many great records out there!!

  • Curm

    If only Sadie D. whom I quoted above you realized that. She and her 8 choices and her silly claim that there was no other original music out there to fill her last 2 spots on her list. Sad if you ask me.