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Hitting the Bag

Former CP critic Michael Little has decided to go after this blog. He writes on his own blog:

"We've been reading the Washington City Paper's music blog lately. It's mediocre, and we're not saying that because the City Paper unceremoniously fired our ass and because we could write a better and more entertaining blog with our asshole."

Little goes on to write:

"Still, the blog's posts are nothing but unpaid advertising for forthcoming shows, the too-be-expected but still odious tips of the old knit cap to Fugazi, and pats on CP's own back for a job well done. That said, Joe Warminsky does step away from the Dischord Party Line long enough to say a kind word about Brother JT, which is something.

Still, it's a nothing read.

Never a mad word from the paper that dares nothing."

Little, readers may recall, wrote an infamous cover story slamming Fugazi as ruining just about everything in this town. Why? They didn't rock like it's '77, man. In other words, the story was a pile of shit. (We know we're deep in a game of insider baseball here, but read this for more on Little's history with CP.)

Little's own blog dares so much! Here are some sample words of wisdom (we will spare you his hilarious interview with Hitler):

"We fall in love with Led Zeppelin a little more every day."

"Jimmy Page is the only human we know who can make his guitar sneer."

"Mom, please drink your marijuana tea. And while you're drinking it, be sure to listen to side two of Wake of the Flood by the Grateful Dead. It will bang your gong, dude."

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  • Comely Mike

    Thanks for the plug, Jason. And thanks for returning the insult in record time! Somebody over there is on the ball? Could it be our close personal friend (and funniest man in America) Dave Nuttycombe? Mike

  • anandamide

    I'd encourage anyone reading this beige blog to go over to Mike's site and decide for yourself who "dares more".

  • Comely Mike

    By quoting me out of context, you make me sound like some kind of rock dinosaur! Hey, a little help over here? I seem to be sinking in tar.

  • Mark Athitakis

    Why do you need help? Shit, mister, just name a band you like that came together after 1998.

  • PPC

    Mike's blog is a thing of genius. I've never met the man, but he's made milk shoot out of my nose more times than I can count, with his twisted, cynical and altogether entertaining take on the failures of the world at large. And I don't even drink milk.

    Plus, there are no bands who came together after 1998 who are worth much of a shit.

  • Mark Athitakis

    Music: Antiquity-1998. R.I.P.

  • Comely Mike

    Oh, come on. Just because I happen to think that Grand Funk Railroad is the greatest band of all time bar none doesn't mean that I fail to stay up to date with the "hep sounds of today." Who do I like. US Maple is great. Art Brut isn't great but they're damned amusing; the same goes for Electric Six. Mountain Goats used to amaze me, but now all what's his name wants to sing about is love. Sparklehorse is cool, as is Lambchop, as is Stuart Lupton's band Childballads. Love Childballads. Destroyer is a big fave. Anybody who doesn't love Destroyer should be deported! To... Liechtenstein!

  • Joe Warminsky

    This is all hooey. I do not care. But I will say this: Mike, you say you could write "a better and more entertaining blog with our asshole." Well, I've actually started the blog, and I've even done the courtesy of creating the first post so your asshole doesn't have to do the work:

  • Joe Warminsky

    SIDE NOTE: I'm such an amateur.

  • Comely Mike

    Joe, that is very thoughtful of you. Our asshole thanks you. Not to sound ungrateful, but your imitation of our asshole needs serious work. For starters, our asshole has problems with its "z"s.

  • Joe Warminsky

    I love the fact that multiple "Michael Little" entities actually share one asshole, thus your use of the plural possessive pronoun. If it's true, that's some serious Stephen Hawking/Carl Sagan shit, bro.

    Or is it the "royal we"?

  • Jason Cherkis

    Little: It's funny you couldn't name a local band that actually plays out.

  • anandamide

    If not naming a band that "actually plays out" is your idea of funny, its no wonder this blog is such a witless bore. What are you, in high school?

  • Jason Cherkis

    Jesus. I feel like we've been invaded by Goldmine.

  • Sodajerk

    Rollins is a numpty.he is a prissy prima donna poser.straightedge for life.nuff said.respect due.

  • Comely Mike

    Sorry, fell into Unremitting Failure speak with that "our". As for naming DC bands that "actually play out", I've yet to see one that does much for me. Besides, fuck local. I leave the parochialism and DC flag tattoo cheerleading bullshit to the same sorry poseurs who twenty years ago were walking around with X's on their hands, to show they were too chickenshit to do drugs. If you're going to place on an X on your body, make it your forehead. Manson Style.

  • Jeffers

    Cripes, what a Doofus Supreme this Cherkis be. Peter Brötzmann oughtta bitch slap yer pedestrian self with his taragato, Three Stooges old school style. You gives me the Chuckles.

  • William

    Interesting blog, not like the others!