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Junkyard Band Bassist, “House,” Died in a Motorcycle Crash Yesterday

Derek Anthony Colquitt, who was also the band's manager, played his last show on Saturday.

The Breaks: Wale Takes to the Streets of Baltimore

The D.C. rapper joined a march to City Hall to protest the killing of Freddie Gray.

Don’t Want to Pay $150 for Landmark Music Festival Passes? Hold Out for Free Ones.

The festival's keeping mum on much cheaper ways to see Drake, the Strokes, and alt-J.

International Jazz Day: Jazz Setlist, April 30-May 6

A focus on local acts for a fraught, trying week in our nation and region.

Just How Funky is the Funk Parade?

Is it like rhinestone shades and matching knee-high boots, or more like "God Bless America" played on handbells?

For the First Time in His Life, Chad Clark Is Right on Time

The Beauty Pill frontman tells the stories behind the band's first LP in 11 years.

One Track Mind: Walker’s Run, “Gold Mine”

Walker's Run might give D.C. a J Street after all.

Mittenfields’ Optimists, Reviewed

The local indie-rock quintet fills lighthearted noise-pop with solid hooks.

Drake and the Strokes Will Headline a Two-Day Music Festival in D.C. This Fall

Quick! Passes for the Landmark Music Festival start at $100.

The Jazz and Cultural Society Will Open in Brookland Tomorrow

"There's a lot of old cats who are still cookin', but this city has forgotten about them. And one thing in jazz is, you can't forget about the people who came before you."