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Arts Roundup: Rap on the Rise Edition

Photos of Teen Liver, Swimsuit Addition, and Peoples Drug at the Rocketship [Bandwidth]

Why are the concert series at Fort Dupont and Carter Barron shorter and smaller this year? [Arts Desk]

D.C.'s up-and-coming rappers are finding routes to mainstream success. [Pitchfork]

The cast of Imagination Stage's BFG had to get pretty jacked to support the play's 13-foot puppet. [Post]

Mayor Vince Gray unveiled a plan to support D.C.'s creative economy—which apparently includes pollsters? [Housing Complex]

Rock & Roll Hotel is hosting its first burlesque show. [Frozen Tropics]

Justin Timberlake posed for photos with teenyboppers after a round of golf at the Congressional Country Club. [Post]

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