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Arts Roundup: AMPed Edition

AMP logo DvectorStrathmore is opening a new music venue, AMP, in North Bethesda this fall. [Arts Desk]

D.C. musician Clifton Williams won a contest to write a new theme song for the Apollo Theater. [Post]

These five curators and 25 artists will make lots of public art this fall, thanks to DCCAH's 5x5 Project. [East City Art]

Tenleytown's Casa Fiesta, a Mexican restaurant that's hosted dozens of local and national punk acts over the past two years, is closing its door to future shows. [Arts Desk]

Here's a job idea for struggling writers: Ghostwrite some poor schmuck's online dating profile. [Post]

A list of can't-miss performances before, during, and after Saturday's Funk Parade on U Street [D.C.Music Download]

Cinderella goes hip-hop at Imagination Stage, thanks to playwright/director Psalmayene 24. [Washingtonian]

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