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Arts Roundup: Rest In Peace Edition

Go-go drummer and MedStar Washington Hospital Center employee Melvin "Butch" Lewis has died after exposure to Freon gas on the job. [TMOTTGoGo] [Post]

Rest in peace, local jazz great Butch Warren. [Arts Desk]

Ford's Theatre's The Laramie Project moves its remaining shows to a downtown church. [Arts Desk]

Park Police shut down the Sunday drum circle in Meridian Hill Park. [City Desk]

Meet Ahmad Zaghal, the most prolific blind concert photographer in D.C. [Post]

NPR streams Dismemberment Plan's new album, Uncanney Valley. [NPR]

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  • Still Sick

    Sorry for Mr. Lewis and family but not surprising given what bedlam Medstar Washington Hospital is . If the freon hadn't gotten him the Clostridium Difficle epidemic would have. Place should be shut down and top brass brought up on criminal raps.