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Arts Roundup: Halfway House Edition

Post-retirement, Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser plans to teach arts management. [Post]

The suspected National Cathedral vandal has been released to a halfway house. [Post]

...and the cathedral has launched a fundraiser to help pay for vandalism- and earthquake-related damage. [Huffington Post]

Contrary to reports, the Smithsonian says it's not looking to acquire Trayvon Martin's hoodie at the moment. [DCist]

Dave Grohl spotted hanging out in Shirlington for some reason. [Post]

Didn't D.C. used to be so much cooler?, etc. [Brightest Young Things]

Rolling Stone shows some love to U Street Music Hall. [Rolling Stone]

California Rep. Mike Thompson joins the Eisenhower Memorial Commission. [AP via WJLA]

Connecticut Avenue NW becomes the site of some chalk art downtown today. [Richard Layman]

Black Cat seeks to add a third floor and bar. [Arts Desk]

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  • IMGoph

    Yeah, wasn't DC so much cooler when your family and friends were actively being decimated by crack and the related crime?

    I'd challenge Legba to put on his simplistic rose-colored glasses view of the past and talk to those who were affected by his silly idealized view of the past. Maybe he'd learn something about privilege.