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Arts Roundup: Married to Mike Daisey Edition

Antoine Jones, former owner of Kilis Cafe and Levels, awaits his fourth trial. [WJLA]

Library of Congress employee faces federal charges for allegedly sending horny men to his ex-girlfriend's home. [WTOP]

Happy third birthday, Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra. [CapitalBop]

Magic Bullet No. 6 is here! [Magic Bullet]

Meet Jean-Michele Gregory, wife of Mike Daisey. [Post]

Folger Theatre announces its 2013-2014 season. [D.C. Theatre Scene]

How theaters like Atlas Performing Arts Center can help spur neighborhood development [Pink Line Project]

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  • Linda Lee Keller

    May 23, 2013

    Dear Corcoran Staff and Public:

    I love the Corcoran Gallery and the School.
    I studied there and paid for my own classes.
    I want this institution to survive and thrive.
    Find a way!

    Too many wonderful people are attached to this
    Institution and School for it to be thrown away.
    No! No!

    Please work out solutions for all those you serve
    and have served.

    I also studied at the University of Maryland where I
    have a B.A. degree and George Washington University
    as well as Montgomery College.

    The last course I took there was "Painting in a Series"
    because I took an audit, my grades were down graded from
    4.0 to a 3.83.
    I am still fighting graft and corruption that occurred
    on my second mortgage in 2003.

    Remember A Students never quit.

    That is why we get "A's".

    You have my support. Keep working it.


    Linda Lee Keller
    First Born Daughter of Charles William Keller, GAO Auditor and USN WWII.

  • Linda Lee Keller

    Send me reports to my email.