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Arts Roundup: Harry Schnipper Hearts Lincoln Theatre Edition

Blues Alley owner Harry Schnipper makes it known—again—that he's eyeballing Lincoln Theatre. Oh, and his historic jazz venue could possibly, maybe, potentially relocate. [Washington Business Journal]

WETA's Around Town talks Corcoran's "Pump Me Up" exhibit. [WETA via YouTube]

Towson's Recher Theatre to close for a revamping. [WTOP]

Dischord unloads some old Black Eyes archival material on its Tumblr page. [Dischord]

ICYMI: WaPo asks people in the publishing industry—including book reviewer and former City Paper arts editor Mark Athitakis—what it's like to navigate today's newfangled literary world. [Post]

My favorite local April Fools prank? Probably Twang 96.3. [WHUR]

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