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Arts Roundup: Burlesque Revival Edition

Sadly, Red Palace is now closed. On the bright side, here's a collection of other local venues that host burlesque events. [HuffPost DC]

Paul Vodra, the man behind local internet radio station Hometown Sounds shares his thoughts on 2012 and the future of internet radio with the team from Musiceum. [Hometown Sounds]

The Charles Krause Gallery is looking for art based around the idea of guns for their newest show, a response to the Newtown massacre. Submissions will be accepted through January 10. [DC Docent]

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  • Tom Vilms

    Thanks for spotting and sharing the video interview we did with DJ Paul V from HOMETOWN SOUNDS DC. MUSICEUM launched in 2012. We're building an "online music museum".

    We believe there's a lot more to a good music scene than the musicians. Granted, the musicians deserve the main stage, but our mission is to help bring out and let music fans explore the stories of what else goes into making music. You'll be surprised!

  • Tear

    Thats so sad about the Red Palace....have you seen this smoking hot burlesque post