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Arts Roundup: Chompie Edition


The Smithsonian unleashes a visitor's guide app. [Around the Mall]

Doug Aitken's design for a pavilion at the Tate Liverpool museum looks an awful lot like "Song1" at the Hirshhorn [Architect]

Michael Kaiser: How arts organizations can persuade their board members to hit their friends up for money [Huffington Post D.C.]

More photos of the Pussy Riot protest outside the Russian Embassy [Huffington Post D.C.]

The Washington Ballet's Brooklyn Mack wins a gold medal at the International Ballet Competition in Bulgaria. [Post]

An interview and an eclectic EDM podcast from local producer and DJ Maxmillion Dunbar [Little White Earbuds]

America's Most Wanted—based in Montgomery County—finds a comfy new home at Lifetime. [Post]

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