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Arts Roundup: Fiddler on the Roof Edition

National Museum of Natural History developing a human-genome exhibit [AP/Huffington Post]

Adams Morgan's Fiddler on the Roof already is already planning a summer concert series [DCist]

Nicole Kidman to play a part in the forthcoming movie The Butler based on Wil Haygood's 2008 Washington Post story [Post]

Michael Kaiser, what ailing arts organization are you referring to in your latest column? [Huffington Post]

An update on John Waters' hitchhiking trip around the country [DCist]

D.C. area residents want a holiday and a museum for Chuck Brown [DCist]

Doug Aitken's "Song 1" brought people together [New York Times]

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  • Ron Keas

    Beginning next week, for one month I am donating all profits from sales of prints of my Obama paintings to the Obama Presidential Campaign. I have worked with Shepard Fairey at the DNC artshow and I will continue to support President Obama with the positive messages my artwork portrays.

    Ron Keas
    Lucerne, CA