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Arts Roundup: Theatrical Reaganomics Edition

The National Women's History Museum remains unbuilt—but its fundraising efforts and management look mighty suspicious. [HuffPo]

The next installment of National Harbor gallery Art Whino's "G40"—a punishingly democratic exhibit of street art—won't take place in D.C. but Richmond. [Style Blog]

Wale hangs out with Curren$y and a chamber ensemble in a private jet hangar. [Pitchfork]

How'd D.C. theater get to this moment? Ari Roth...thanks Reagan? (And Zelda Fichandler) [HowlRound]

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  • NWHM

    The Huffington Post article on the National Women’s History Museum is filled with errors and omissions. More here:

  • NWHM

    NWHM trusts that readers will decide for themselves whether Huff Post decision not to use the Rep. Maloney quote; or ANY facts cited in Joan Wages' statement; or ANY reference to two external audited financial statements giving unqualified opinions; or the uncorrected and indisputably inaccurate headline asserting there was a "conflict of interest" in doing business with a Board member when text only says there "may" be and Huff Post failed to report the Museum followed the guidelines of recusal and disclosure and competitive pricing of experts cited to them; and the burying of Anne Lewis' favorable quote to the last section of the 4,925 words; and the negative subjective commentary words, such as "murky," "stubborn," "sloppy" and "mismanagement." For more go to: